A selfie of Nix Song. They are wearing a red hoodie and grinning at the camera. Behind him is a rainbow flag.

Hello There!

I'm Nix Song (he/they) and I'm your Cozy Queer Assistant!
I work with LGBTQIA+ business owners as their Social Media Manager, so they can focus on the aspects of their business they truly love.

Work With Me

I have a decade of experience supporting small business owners in a variety of ways so they could focus on the bigger picture - without getting bogged down by the daily mundane tasks running a business requires.

As your Social Media Manager, I can help you in a variety of ways. This includes (but is not limited to!)
-Growing your following on Instagram by engaging with your target audience, as well as
-Networking with similar accounts and brands to establish your internet presence,
-Creating attention-grabbing content,
-Learning from the behind-the-scenes analytics to see how I can continue to grow your accounts, and
-Collaborating with you to help you achieve your business goals.

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About The Cozy Queer Assistant

A selfie of Nix Song, with their grey and white cat sitting on his shoulder in a way that makes it look like she is "supervising" Nix. There is a rainbow flag in the background.

My name is Nix Song (he/they) and I'm a disabled, Neurodivergent, and queer person living in the Midwest, USA with my partner and our several animals.I started this business with the hope of being able to support myself and my partner while also doing work that I am extremely passionate about. With my physical disabilities, I have learned that I do my best work when working on my own terms in the comfort of my home. I'm all about that cozy, hygge lifestyle while also working to help others achieve their goals!Starting and running your own business can be terrifying (trust me, I know). That's where I come in - using my skills to help you succeed and grow beyond what you had dreamed of! I've been assisting business owners off and on for a decade, and it's truly the only work I've done where I feel aligned with my values and personal goals. I want you to feel the same way about your business!As a queer person raised in a dangerous and homophobic cult, I am incredibly proud of myself for finally being in a place where I can be myself and love my partner without shame. I love uplifting other LGBTQIA+ businesses, and in the past have worked with business owners interested in making sure their business is a safe space for transgender individuals. I also have a Patreon where I offer more in-depth LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent education.When not working I enjoy cuddling with my cats and dogs, playing video games with my partner, and doing creative things like embroidery, painting, and cooking!Ready to embrace your own dreams with less stress and more peace? Let's chat!


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